Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25th

I know pics can say more than words, so here are some more images of the past few weeks...or months...

But just to sum:

The first is Vivian cooking. She is teaching me to make some of favorite Ghanaian dishes, and i have been full for the past 2 weeks! We always make a ton, and end up eating it for the next week...for all 3 meals, hah. There are no recipes here, you just learn how to cook from your mom when you are small. So when i told her that my mom has about 50 books filled with recipes, he was totally shocked!

The next is at the market of a signboard advertisement for a clinic. The signboards here are amazing! So graphic! Its a bit small, but the green one has images of people with different ailments...and some sort of monster/bear creature??

The next 2 are church service with vivian. She has been trying to convince Andrea and I to go with her this whole year, so we finally gave in!

The next is from the top of a mountain in Kpalime, Togo. We drove up through the mountains on the back of motorcycles, and it was totally magical! It is the rainy season now, so the trees are really green, and we were winding up through the mountains, with our hair blowing in the wind (haha, so classic!!), and it was awesome! Our drive from Ghana to Kpalime was in a super sketchy truck (pic 6), that probably saw brighter days 60 years ago...and we were jammed in with way more people than space.

The next picture is of a naked man running across the beach. A few friends and I went to a restaurant that is on the beach, and this man kept running back and forth (i think for exercise?), and i simply could not resist taking a picture. He looked like he was having an amazing time...way better than the treadmill!

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Obibini Bruni said...

Don’t you feel shy about putting a picture of a naked person on the internet without his permission?